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We’ve Got Skills!


During our Ambassadors’ training, we are intentional about equipping the young people we help with practical skills because we recognize the dynamics of the places from which they come.. It is customary for the firstborn in a family to have to contribute to the families’ needs. This means they are expected to figure out how to earn money to help put food on the table or pay for school fees for their younger siblings as well as provide for themselves. A monumental task in an economy that is poverty-stricken.

With this in mind, we have developed training for some easy, yet valuable skills like soap and detergent making, mat weaving, and baking, as well as basic culinary skills. We have formed respective clubs for them where every Thursday afternoon they come together and learn these skills in an enjoyable way.

In one recent workshop, Ambassadors Group 6 were taught by our Hellen Atitu how to make liquid soap, antiseptic and bleaching liquid. Hellen was raised in the slum community where many of these young people live and she knows the struggles they face on a daily basis. Along with skills training, Hellen engaged the ladies in a study teaching the women how they are valuable and worthy in God’s eyes. Creating this foundation of self-worth and confidence is essential to being a successful businessperson.

It’s all about elevating, equipping and empowering…that’s the way we create the path to freedom!